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Estate planning isn't the most comfortable topic to dwell on, but for those ready to start securing the future of their assets for their loved ones, it is an essential part of the management of their estate. Not only does estate planning ensure that outstanding financial matters are resolved after your passing, but also that the family and friends you care about the most are recognized and taken care of. Few realize that, without a plan, those close to them can be suddenly burdened with numerous and exhausting legal responsibilities in the wake of their death.

At The O'Connell Law Firm, P.C., we understand how sensitive estate planning matters can be and always make sure that our clients know the full scope of their options. Whether they would like to establish a will or trust—or amend some of their existing estate plan—our knowledgeable and trusted Denver estate planning attorney is ready to assist them. Clients that choose our firm can rest assured that their interests will be looked after during this process and that they can walk away confident that their estate plan is thorough, meticulous, and comprehensive.

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What plan is right for you?

Every client looking to create an estate plan has different goals. Some are looking to make sure that their property is properly passed down. Others have large, complex estates and holdings that need careful consideration in the event of their death. Many of these various goals, however, can be resolved with either a will or a trust.

Our firm is ready to help you establish the following documents:

  • Wills. Primarily, wills distinguish your heirs and detail what parts of your property are bestowed to who. Additionally, wills name executors of an estate (a trusted individual appointed to resolve your estate) and, in the case of living wills, power of attorney to decide medical decisions and other matters.
  • Trusts. A trust can protect certain assets over a predetermined period of time, usually for a beneficiary later to inherit. Depending on your goals, different kinds of trusts can help avoid the probate process, yield tax advantages, and provide other benefits for the both the trustor and the beneficiary.

No matter what the size of your estate is or what your specific estate planning goals may be, dedicated counsel is required for the estate planning process. At The O'Connell Law Firm, P.C., we can help you craft an estate plan that will best serve your loved ones, hold up to any kinds of scrutiny, and—most importantly—provide you peace of mind.

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