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Though car accidents are among the leading causes of personal injury, this does not mean that these types of accidents and the behaviors that cause them should be considered as “commonplace” or “excusable.” On behalf of the innocently injured and bereaved, our Denver car accident attorney takes swift, aggressive, and effective action against liable parties. A key factor in resolving car accident claims is the ability to successfully negotiate with insurance providers. Attorney Michael O’Connell has legal and business experience as a negotiator in a variety of complex legal and insurance scenarios. We will make sure the insurance company fully understands your situation and can resolve the situation in the most favorable manner possible.

Car Crash

What to Do After an Auto Accident

Getting immediate medical attention is imperative. Because some injuries may not manifest immediately following an accident, you should not take chances or assume that you have not been severely injured. Seeking attention from a qualified doctor or medical provider can only strengthen your case and prove that someone else’s negligence has directly caused the extent of your injuries or damages.

After an accident, follow these steps to help strengthen your case:

  • Exchange relevant insurance information with parties involved in your accident.
  • Seek medical treatment and follow any medical advice directed by your physician.
  • Keep record of any accident-related expenses (repairs, medical treatment, time away from work, etc.).
  • Notify insurance companies or police officers, if necessary.
  • Contact a lawyer to determine your rights and identify how to maximize your compensation.

Why You Need the O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. on Your Side

We focus on maximizing the financial recovery available to people injured in a serious car crash. This means discovering the true extent of your injuries – both financial and personal. Our firm has a network of medical professionals who will work on a lien basis. They will take your car accident case with the understanding that you currently cannot pay for treatment. Contact us at (303) 759-4000 to explain more details about your case.

Why Do Clients Choose O’Connell Law Firm, P.C.?

You will almost certainly require substantial medical treatment after an accident. Delays in obtaining insurance coverage or a financial award may hinder your ability to pay for your medical care when you need it. Our Jefferson County injury lawyer can take the time needed to provide you with legal counsel so you can successfully navigate the insurance maze and obtain a full, financial recovery.

If you were involved in an automobile accident, you will most likely be dealing with insurance companies and other liable parties. Do not think you have to face your legal battle on your own! With the help of O’Connell Law Firm, P.C., you can have the resources, skills, and abilities needed to successfully demand the financial compensation you deserve.

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