Road Safety And Motorcycles

In 2009, the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration reported that there had been more than 4,700 motorcycle related fatalities. This was the first time in Colorado in the last twelve years that the numbers had been lower than the year before and so this was good news. According to CDOT Colorado currently has about 175 thousand registered bikes in the entire state. Because there are so many out there on the road, it’s vital that more motorists take note and be sure to share the road.

Experts always recommend that protective gear is worn. A full range of protective motorcycle gear includes not just a helmet but gloves, protection for the eyes, and a jacket. CDOT reported that the number of fatalities that had been killed in the motorcycle accidents reported in that 2009 time frame was bolstered with two thirds reported not wearing helmets. The NHTSA reports that in taking protective measures, particularly wearing a helmet, motorcycle accidents that cause fatalities are reduced by around 37%.

Having said all of that, there is good news. Motorcyclists who are wearing helmets are making up a greater and greater portion of riders. According to the NHTSA, roughly 67% of all motorcyclists were taking precautions and wearing helmets to protect themselves in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Alcohol was also seen to be a major contributing factor in fatalities relating to motorcycles. With any motor vehicle, you know that you should never drink and drive. According to CDOT, drinking and driving while riding is actually on the rise, with 40% of all motorcycle deaths in 2009 involving some form of alcohol use by the driver.

Allstate, an insurance company has comprised an amazing list of safety tips for those who share the road with bikes. As many bikers know, the number one reason that most will have an accident is because drivers of other cars or trucks just do not share the road. They don’t see them, and this is problematic when it comes to noting the presence of a motorcyclist in a driver’s blind spot. This safety guide tells drivers that it is important to give bikers more room on the road.

If you do ride, you know that in order to slow down, using the downshift rather than the brakes is pretty normal. Unfortunately, most drivers do not know this, and they cannot see your brake lights because you’re not using them. It is also harder for those who ride to stop quickly or even slow down in bad weather or on wet roads. Understanding this and understanding the issues that larger motor vehicles may have with keeping you in their line of sight may help.