Man Attacked By Police Dog Sues City

A couple in Lakewood, Washington recently filed a personal injury suit against a Lakewood police officer and the City of Lakewood for unspecified damages in connection to an incident during which he was attacked by a police dog, reported The News Tribune. The suit was filed Nov. 16 and claimed that the city violated the man’s constitutional rights. The damages sought were for emotional distress and physical pain and suffering. A city spokesman told the Tribune that the city did not comment on pending lawsuits. Continue reading

Personal Injury Basics

Sometimes, when you need a settlement, court cases can really feel like they go on forever. Usually if there is an accident involved, your attorney will be able to resolve the matter fairly quickly. One of the best ways to make that a much faster process is in settling with the insurance companies, but that’s not always possible. In the worst case scenario, however, going to trial and actually having to have a jury render a verdict can take some time, but it’s usually worthwhile to obtain the results a client deserves. Continue reading

Your Pre-existing Conditions and Your Case

Most people are unaware that a pre-existing medical condition may impact a personal injury case. Insurers will often try to use medical records against people in order to lower the damages that those injured will receive in injury claims when a car accident is the cause. An ethical, experienced lawyer is always looking out for your best interest. In a personal injury case, making sure that damages are awarded justly is key. Continue reading

Texting and Driving: Not a Good Mix

Because smartphones and other mobile devices have become very popular, also the number of accidents associated with them has increased. Texting and driving is definitely a dangerous combination and this increases the chances of you being in an auto accident. According to Colorado State Law, it is illegal to text or send emails when you are driving. The law goes even stricter still, forbidding those under the age of 18 to even use a cell phone while driving. Lawyers in Colorado often see cases that have involved distracted drivers: people using their cell phone for texting is the number one cause. We have all heard from the time we were learning to drive that distractions need to be minimized, but cell phone use is so prevalent that most people don’t even consider how dangerous it really can be. Continue reading

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is understandable in this economy that representing yourself in a personal injury case may seem like a way to save money. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to handle the defense’s legal counsel, insurance companies, and will be able to navigate those laws much better than someone who is not educated in such areas. Those who handle personal injury cases, on either side are usually aware that someone who is representing themselves is not experienced and can often use that against you. Continue reading