Man Attacked By Police Dog Sues City

A couple in Lakewood, Washington recently filed a personal injury suit against a Lakewood police officer and the City of Lakewood for unspecified damages in connection to an incident during which he was attacked by a police dog, reported The News Tribune. The suit was filed Nov. 16 and claimed that the city violated the man’s constitutional rights. The damages sought were for emotional distress and physical pain and suffering. A city spokesman told the Tribune that the city did not comment on pending lawsuits.

According to the suit, the dog attack occurred in June 2010. The wife called 911 after her husband refused to leave their home after being asked to do so. He left and was walking down the street when the officer approached him with his police dog. The husband complied when the officer ordered him to turn around and drop to the ground, but his police dog attacked him anyway.

The dog allegedly clamped down on his head and thrashed it back and forth. It wouldn’t let go of the man until the officer pulled the animal off. The plaintiff sustained several lacerations and puncture wounds that required skin grafts. The suit stated as a result of his injuries, the plaintiff walks with a limp, has significant scarring on his both of his legs and a significant loss of range of motion in his knee. No criminal charges were filed against the plaintiff. The lawsuit said the “assault and battery” inflicted upon the plaintiff was unreasonable, excessive and unnecessary.

The lawsuit did not specify any reasons as to why the wife wanted her husband out of the house. Court records showed that a temporary protection order was issued to her the day after the incident, based on a claim that he tried to assault her. The order expired when she did not seek to make it a permanent order.