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Are you suffering due to someone else’s negligence or careless actions? At O’Connell Law Firm, P.C., our Denver personal injury lawyer is committed to standing with you, by you, and for you. As staunch legal advocates and aggressive litigators, our firm is committed to serving the needs of the innocently injured and their families. We know you are deserving of justice and a full financial recovery, and we use our knowledge, experience, and skill to help ensure the most positive outcome possible.

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Due to the life-changing nature of an accident or injury, we strive to provide you with the high-quality counsel you need. You should never expect to receive anything less than you deserve, especially when it comes to legal representation. Coming to O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. means your case will be handled with compassion, discretion, confidence, and urgency. We know you by name. We get to know you and your story. We know the ins and outs of your specific case. Most importantly, however, we know your fears or concerns, and your dreams or goals. You can come to us as your trusted confidantes. Ultimately, we give you a voice – even in the face of long odds or adversity – and aggressively push for the justice you deserve.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact our Jefferson County personal injury lawyer at (303) 759-4000. Your first consultation is of no-risk or obligation.

“I help my clients get financial compensation, of course. But I also help my clients gain a sense that they have had their day to be heard. That somebody has been held accountable. That somebody listened.”

- Attorney O'Connell
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Our Denver personal injury firm was founded on one central belief: our clients matter most. That is why we make every possible effort to center our processes, our services, and our methods on your needs. There is a way to get out from under the medical, legal, financial, and emotional stresses of a life-changing accident. O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. will not only stand by you during this journey, but will help guide your steps from start to finish.

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Colorado Injury Law by Michael R. O’Connell

We know our clients have questions about their rights and options. Many people simply know that they’ve been injured – but do not know what their next steps ought to be. Our firm’s founding attorney has written a book, which can be downloaded for free here, to help inform you of some of the basic principles involved in personal injury law and personal injury lawsuits. Whether you are simply looking for more information, need answers to your questions, or are interested in how the laws may impact your specific case, this is a great place to start.

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